OP Search is a recruitment company specializing in head hunting by direct approach.

founded in 1997 by Olivier de PREVILLE We have brought together more than 40 associates who have a passion for head hunting, committed to search for top and middle management profiles.

Our techniques in human resources intelligence have been forged over the years, enriched by our multi specialist vocation, then sharpened in a working marketplace in perpetual mutation.

This expertise allows us today to take up the challenge of all strategic recruitments in France and abroad.

In total confidentiality, OP Search will listen to you and analyze your needs, and make available all means required to satisfy these in the shortest time-frame.

The decisive factor is to find the suitable candidate. The quest can be long, unsuccessful or disappointing … OP Search has today a success rate in excess of 98%.

Our Method

Our company will commit itself to carrying out a complete search for every single recruitment.

Our vocation in our human resources Consultancy is illustrated throughout our collaboration with you. From understanding your needs to our ability to accompany you.
4  of our specialists intervene during the 4 steps of a search:

  • Identification of the targeted firms – our hunting ground is not limited to the leaders or your direct competitors.
  • Profile selection – identify the best candidates and release the dormant potentials.
  • Make contact and evaluate the candidates; our successive assessments  have proved themselves invaluable.
  • Review selected candidates in a one-to-one meeting – every candidate is unique.

Our recruitment by direct approach guarantees suitability of candidates to your needs.
Concrete  and precise information on the state of progress of the assignment based on our candidate identification report (which is complete history of the search).

Our Values

Confidentiality: all the information shared between yourself and our company and the information obtained during our hunt will be exploited exclusively for the search assignment that links us. Your identity is confidential.

Transparency: all the exact and accurate information gathered during the search assignment will be given to you in our Candidate Identification Report.

Respect of the candidates: each and every candidate is contacted with discretion and all the information exchanged is exploited solely for the recruitment assignment.

Respect of the allotted time: OP Search mobilizes all the necessary means to respect the allotted time (7 weeks).

Loyalty: to hunt for you means that we will never hunt on your grounds.

Recruitment expertise: our methods and our expertise will ensure that you will meet quality candidates.

Availability: the OP Search team is at your service throughout the recruitment assignment (with a weekly report).