We are conviced that, today, high level athletes play a decisive role in society in France: Op Search Sport allows to bring together the world of business and the world of professional sportsmen.

The values and the skills conveyed by the professional athletes are sought and valued in the work place. Team spirit, taste for exertion, determination, achievement in set objectives, obtaining results, resistance to stress, discipline, capacity to deal with the disappointment of defeat and exhilaration after victory, team management to help them achieve their best performance and a sense of competition.

High level sports develop structuring qualities and abilities which are particularly sought after in this demanding and competitive business world.

Professional athletes are the banners of a generation, an example to our youth. They are dream disseminators and therefore we have the duty to accompany them in their second life: companies and firms are delighted to retrieve these dormant gems.

Olivier de PREVILLE

Should you wish to recruit a professional athlete still in activity (flexible hours) training for the Olympic games or other competitions (European or World standard) or a retired professional athlete, please contact us.